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A​J Boud​oir

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Session Pricing

AJ Boudoir is about creating personal one of a kind art.

I am dedicated and strive to capture the most beautiful, powerful and sensual images of you. 

A boudoir session is an overall experience changing the way you see yourself.

I pride myself on connecting with each client and understanding her, this allows me to deliver a true reflection of beauty.

Every session is as different as you.

Boudoir sessions start at $550.00, every session can be customized to you. 

Luxuries album and art prints options available.

For more detailed information and to book your boudoir shoot 

contact me today.

Hair & Makeup

Working with some amazing talented 

artists to help bring 

your look to the 

next level!

Hair & Makeup can be added on to any session.

Boudoir Parties

The ultimate day with your girlfriends!

Get all dolled up sipping Champagne, 

rock individual sessions 

while making unforgettable memories!

My girlfriends and I had the most amazing day! We felt like the rich and famous as we were pampered and photographed. This was such a blast and the photos are just unreal! 

thank you so much from all of us 

xoxo Miss M.